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Vendor Fair

St. Marys Apartments

You are invited to attend the Vendor Fair at Historic St. Mary's in Williamsville! Come get your holiday shopping started! FREE ADMISSION!

400 Mill St, Williamsville, NY 14221

Some of the local vendors we'll be holding:
- Kyoko's Origami
- Rosie's Handcrafted Pillowcases
- Baked Goods by Donna, Patti & Debbie
- Knitting and Crocheting by Elaine, Kristi & Patti
- Buffalo Beaders & Crafters Jewelry & Crochet
- Lawson's Top Shelf Crumb Cakes
- Keeping Traditions Homemade Pierogi
- Hens Honey Bee Farms
- Thirty One w/ Julie Lisanby
- Cuccidati, Inc. Traditional Italian Cookies
- Hawkmoon Soaps - handcrafted soaps, creams, lip balms
- Barbara Heffernan Knit Works
- Pet Wants, WNY - pet foods, novelty treats, gifts, water/food dishes
- Dragonfly Salon - Aromatherapy, Crystals & Gemstones w/ Sara Carr
- Food Reflexology & Reiki w/ Michelle Clark
- Grechen's Teak Leaf Teas
- Stymers Farms Vegetables
- Kissed by the Sun Spices & Seasonings
- Applewood Hollow Coffees, Cocoa's, Chai Teas
- Donna's Pepper Jelly's & Jam's
& more!

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